Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Widows Sons | Masonic motorcycle club’s first ride!

Widow's Son's 1st Ride
Bros. Chuck Nagy, Bob Hospadaruk, and PM Rich Wilcox, members of AAF262

The newly formed "Due Guard" chapter of the Widows Sons masonic motorcycle club had their first ride last June 12th.

Despite a low turnout (probably due to the sketchy weather and our organizational skills :-) they had a really great ride to Apple Charlies in New Boston, MI.  On that day, Findlater Lodge #475 hosted a outdoor MM degree for two new brothers, followed by a most excellent pig roast and rock show!  Also, there was a bet that anyone who said the word “rain” would have to pay $1 into a charitable fund, fortunately or not, only one brother said the bad word, so we have a whole dollar to put to good use now…  And it didn’t “precipitate” hardly a all, just a few sprinkles for about 3 seconds!

Do you drive 500cc or larger bike and you are a mason of any degree?  Join the Widows Sons by contacting He will put you in touch with the right people!