Sunday, April 13, 2014

Master’s Letter | April 2014 - Equality


"Equality" is a basic principle of Masonic philosophy.  The lodge system tries to teach us that inside a lodge we regard no man for his worldly wealth, social status, or outward appearance. Kings and presidents sit alongside factory workers, cooks and shop keepers.  We have a system that teaches equality and is symbolized by our working tool: the level.

Our concept of equality has changed over time.  That “All men are born equal” first applied only to nobility, then to the middle class, then to include all people of every gender and race.  Freemasonry has been a consistent proponent of equality for all.  But the job is never done.  What some learn, others forget.  Now today more than ever, we as Masons should never presume that our use of equality extends only to the Brethren.  It should be our aim to aid in the practice and teaching of this most excellent tenet - as it applies to all humankind.


Last month, I wrote you about a donation the lodge would be making to aid in the construction of the Smithsonian Institute’s new museum in Washington DC, the National Museum of African American History and Culture.  Our contribution to this effort was made in large part by a gift from Lonnie Compeau PM, and from contributions of other Brothers in the lodge.

This week I was able to travel to Washington DC and present a check for $1100.00 to John W. Franklin, Director of Partnerships and International Programs, Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture:


John gave me a first hand account of the layout of the new museum, the building design and concept, and the various displays which will be employed.  It is the vision of the museum to “provide a place of meaning, of memory, of reflection, of laughter, and of hope. It should be a beacon that reminds us of what we were; what challenges we still face; and point us towards what we can become.” So mote it be…

If you can see the cranes in the first picture of this post, that is where the museum will be, very close to the Washington monument.  The opening will be in 2015.  As I said to the Brothers at our last meeting: when you, with your children or grandchildren visit DC, you can say proudly, “262 had a hand in building that!”  Thank you Past Master Lonnie and well done, Brothers all!

We have a fun and busy schedule this month and next, Keep an eye on the calendar and make sure to join us at the Happy Hour Event  where we can all share a beverage and good times.  Bring your lady or friend too, they’re invited!

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Bob Hospadaruk
Worshipful Master

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Master’s Letter | March 2014 - Charity

imageThe Secretary and Master present a check to Julia Petty, Development Officer of Food Gatherers.  March 5, 2014.  The contribution of $3750 is the total money raised at last November’s Freemasons for Food Gatherers party, combined with a matching grant from the Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation (MMCF)

That word which the Puritans translated “Charity,” but which is truly “Love,” is the keystone which supports the entire edifice of our mystic science. Love one another, teach one another, help one another. That is all our doctrine, all our science, all our law.
                    ~ Source: Short Talk Bulletin, Feb. 1925

Freemasonry’s purpose is the teaching and study of Masonic Philosophy. Though Freemasonry does not label itself as a charitable organization, from our beliefs it is natural to progress to the work of charity. We do good works, not from a sense of civic duty, but from a love for the brotherhood of man - this is the key to Masonic charity. One of our guiding tenants can be simultaneously labeled : love, charity or relief.  All are aspects of the same idea.  To love and care for one another as Masons and to extend the virtue of Brotherhood to all men (and women) is our goal.

Recently, a Past Master of the lodge, Lonnie Compeau, came to us with a proposal. Past Master Lonnie was interested in making a sizable financial contribution to the Smithsonian’s new National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington DC. What might be deemed unusual is that Lonnie did not want the Smithsonian to personally recognize him as a Charter Member, but that his Lodge be recognized as the same. The lodge voted unanimously to support him in this generous offer.

Lonnie’s interest in the creation of this Museum comes from a deep seated sense of social justice and education and his method of giving speaks volumes to the love he holds for Freemasonry. Lonnie and I talked about how this Museum, like the others of the Smithsonian’s collection, would provide enjoyment and education for millions of Americans in the generations to come. Here is a video describing the goals and mission of the new Museum:

Construction of the National Museum of African American History and Culture has begun and is located right on the Mall, near the George Washington Memorial. The Museum will display the names of Charter Members in a permanent place of honor at the Museum and on their website.

I personally support Lonnie in this effort and will add my own contribution to his. I’d like to open this giving opportunity to all the Brothers of 262.
I have directed the Secretary to receive contributions to our fund, started by Lonnie, until the end of the month. We will then send the Lodge contribution to the Smithsonian.  If you are interested, send your contributions by check to the Secretary (“Museum” in the memo line):

Brian Cors, PM and Secretary
PO Box 970091
Ypsilanti, MI 48197


On March 19 we raise two Brothers to the 3rd degree of a Master Mason.  If you are a Master Mason, join us.  It is always a rewarding experience for all, and our Junior Warden is a genius at cooking dinner!  Also note: we will be West side, waaayyy West side, for our Master’s Table event this month in Chelsea.  This event is open to Brothers of all degrees and also any man interested in the fraternity.  Be there AND be square!

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Bob Hospadaruk
Worshipful Master

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Report: Past Master’s Roast and Awards Dinner, 2014

Each year we gather in celebration of the achievements of our lodge and it’s members - and also for some gentle roasting of the immediate past master of the lodge…

Ann Arbor-Fraternity Lodge No. 262 is proud to present the 2014 "Mason of the Year" award to our Chaplain, Brother Jon Easton.  His unswerving dedication to the Craft has earned him this high honor among his peers:


Likewise, the lodge’s esteem extend to Joe Chemler this year, to whom the Brothers elected to earn the “Special Achievement” award!  Here you can see the Master blathering on about how great a Brother Joe is - and he is indeed!


Our Brother Walter Powers and his wife Catherine were recognized for their exceptional work in organizing our last Freemason’s for Food Gatherer’s party, which this year gleaned an astonishing $3750 to help end hunger in our community.  Well done!  Walter and Catherine are shown here with other lodge family in the far back right of the table:


The Senior Warden Chuck Nagy, had his hand in “roasting” the immediate Past Master, Bob Hospadaruk (and current Master).  The roasting wasn’t too terrible, Bob is still smiling…


A heroine of the lodge is often the Master’s spouse, and this year it is said she is the real strength behind this Master’s chair.  Here the SW presents a small token of our appreciation to Beth Hospadaruk:


Some of the Brothers have been with us for so long we tend to lose count of the years.  This year we were lucky to have three of those Brothers attend and receive the Membership Award for years of service to Freemasonry.  Here you can see these honored Brethren, who each were presented a special lapel pin and certificate: Dikran Khanian - 25 years (front left), Ted Wilson, PM - 50 years (front right) and Frealin Craft - 50 years (far back, right)


Special thanks go out to our Junior Warden Oscar Ortiz.  He organized the festivities and success was measured by a full hall and the great time which was had by all who attended!  In this picture, JW Oscar is on the front right sitting across from our Star Sister, Amanda Rothman (Amanda and Oscar are the Worthy Matron and Patron of Eastern Star No. 311 in Saline - Go Stars!)


Monday, February 10, 2014

Master’s Letter | February 2014


Dear Brothers and friends,

To become a Freemason, candidates must participate in 3 “degrees”, or ceremonies, which confer on the man certain Masonic teachings and principles.  There are only three degrees in Freemasonry, all other numbers belong to appendant bodies which were invented by Masons, and require members to be Masons, but they are not in themselves Masonry.  Only the degrees and work of the Craft Lodge, or Symbolic Lodge, are Freemasonry.

As it often happens in our lodge, by Spring we have a number of Fellowcrafts ready to receive the third and final degree in Masonry, that of the Master Mason.  We often refer to this degree as the “sublime” degree.  How is it that the degree “IS” sublime, in all the highest meanings of the word?  Sublimity is not a matter for discussion; it is sublime only if we feel it is sublime; it is just an ordinary ceremony if that is all it is to us. Sublimity is not in the thing, but in us.


The 47th Problem of Euclid in its perfection is sublime to a mathematician, but to a child who cannot count to ten, it is less than nothing. The most beautiful sunset which ever thrilled our sense of sight could not be sublime to one who cannot see, nor can the harmonies of music be sublime to one who cannot hear. If the Master Mason degree is sublime, it is because of how it is given, how a Brother is prepared to receive it, and what it then does to a man’s heart.

The Master’s degree contains many important lessons about life, death, rebirth; lessons about working harder to help each other, to keep each others confidence and to watch each others back.  The degree will not impart all of its lessons immediately on the newly made Master Mason, but impart a seed in the heart of every Brother to strive and grow, to learn and to love.image

Be sure to note our social events coming up!  First the Master’s Table dinner - open to all Brothers and also all men interested in Masonry.  Next, get your tickets for the annual Past Master Roast and Awards Dinner (CLICK HERE) - an annual event at Carson’s American Bistro for you and your loved one. There, we’ll hand out some awards, roast a Past Master, but mostly have a great time and be together!

                                          GO TEAM USA!

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Bob Hospadaruk
Worshipful Master

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Robert Burns Supper | Sat, Jan 25


You are again cordially invited to AAF262’s Robert Burns Supper!  Burns became a Freemason in 1781 in St James Lodge in Scotland. In 1787, the Grand Master of Scotland declared Burns as Poet Laureate.  You know him as the author of the poem and song “Auld Lang Syne”

The event is open to the public - bring the entire clan!

IN-GATHERING 6:00pm  ~ DINNER 6:30pm

Ticket sales are now closed, but a limited number of $20 tickets available at the door, but you must RSVP with the JW:

•Meat Pie •Kale •Peas •Tatties~n~neeps •Haggis •Punch •Dessert

• Toasting!
• Bag-piping!
• The Immortal Memory of Burns, his poetry, and his Masonry.
• Country Dancing Demonstration and audience participation!
• Poetry, Music & did we say Toasting?

$16 PREPAY ADULT, $11 PER CHILD  ($20 at the door)

Ticket sales are now closed, but a limited number of $20 tickets available at the door, but you must RSVP with the JW:

Location: Zal Gaz Grotto, 2070 West Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI 48103 map

NOTE: If you would like to bring Scotch, be not discouraged, please contact the Junior Warden for Grotto/State requirements: