Friendship, Morality, Love

by Steven Moazami, WM

Brothers, Family and Friends,

As Master Masons we were taught to never lose site of the moral applications of a particular useful and valuable instrument. The same instrument on whose points you were received, which revealed these moral applications are contained within your breast.

Friendship, morality, and brotherly love - the most excellent tenets of our institution - set us apart from other organizations, from other cross-sections of humanity, and from other men.

It is critically important now, as we transition in a heavily polarized country. The half of us that were in power exchange places with the half of us that were not, and America has to bridge the divide as there is so much to do.

We must remember that we’re all the same brothers as we were last month. The same brothers we broke bread with, the same brothers we sat in lodge with, none of us changed our character on January 20th.

One of the unique benefits that Masonry contributes to society is fueled by those most excellent tenets: we humanize our political opposition. Too much of America’s political discourse is spent demonizing the other side, even “liberal” and “conservative” come off our tongues with venom. But we sit in a lodge whose population mirrors that same political divide, and we do so with friendship, morality, and brotherly love. We recognize that we’re all brothers hoping to make the world a better place.

Our nation can’t move forward without healing the divide, and Masonry is part of the solution. If we can get along, break bread and sit in lodge together, then maybe we’ll spread understanding and perspective. Then maybe our national discourse can get beyond the divides and find common ground.

So let’s never lose site of the compasses and their moral application and do our part to come together as a nation. Let them keep us in due bounds with all mankind…

… But especially with a brother Mason. At this month’s Regular Communication there is a different opportunity to bring brothers together. We will be voting on a historic motion, to consolidate Golden Rule No. 159 into Ann Arbor-Fraternity No. 262. You should have already gotten a snail mail copy of the resolution.

Please send your questions or concerns if you are unable to attend, but please do attend if you can, history may be made.

Sincerely And Fraternally, 

Steven Moazami
Worshipful Master



FEB   1 -   Regular Communication | Pittsfield Union Grange Hall
FEB 15 -   Special Communication | Pittsfield Union Grange Hall
FEB 22 -   Master’s Table Dinner | TBA
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