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WM Steve at the Cube - Be Square!


We've had an interesting summer - "Chinese Curse" interesting.
We've lost a number of brothers, and it's being capped off by a world full of hurricanes, literal and symbolic.  It has been enough to remind me that time and tide wait for no man. Time is on my mind.  In the Master Mason Lecture we're taught that a marble monument was erected to Hiram Abiff's memory:


"...a beautiful Virgin weeping over a broken column, before her was a book open, in her right hand a sprig of acacia, in her left an urn, behind her stands Time unfolding her ringlets and counting her hair."

It is then explained:

"Time unfolding her ringlets and counting her hair denotes that time, patience and perseverance accomplish all things."

But contrast this with the fact that Father Time himself is usually depicted behind her with his scythe, itself a symbol of the finite-ness of man’s time. And so too are the ringlets in her hair finite.  
Another contrast: while the acacia she is holding reminds us of the immortality of the soul, so Time’s scythe reminds us of our own mortality.
Yet another: the book represents Hiram’s many accomplishments, the broken column represents the unfinished temple. 
How do I resolve these juxtaposed symbols against the wisdom of “time, patience and perseverance” accomplishing all things? By remembering that dally and delay are not patience. Thoughtless grinding is not perseverance. And time is not infinite. Man is not a river carving a canyon.
But I do believe if we cherish what time we have with dogged focus and determination, patience and perseverance, we can accomplish all we aspire to--God willing. 
Man is not a river carving a canyon. But rather an artist carving a marble monument—yes with patience and perseverance, but also with intent. Let our legacies stand for themselves with such impact as that of Hiram Abiff’s monument. 
Let's not dally, come join me at our September regular and let’s doggedly push forward with our craft. 

Sincerely And Fraternally, 

Steven Moazami
Worshipful Master

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