New Year, New Light...

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Well Brothers,

A new year is upon us. The bad news is, you're a year older. The good news is, you've made it halfway through my master's letters, you're over the hump!

I've always thought it's weird that the New Year begins in January, in the midwinter. To me Spring, symbolic of rebirth, is far more suited. Though I may be biased as the first day of Spring is the New Year in the land of my birth.

Lately though I've been thinking about the Winter Solstice. The shortest day of the year, when Fairbanks in Alaska gets less than 4 hours of daylight. Every day after the solstice is longer. And up until the Summer Solstice, every day is a little longer than the day that preceded.

So while Winter itself symbolizes the waning years of life, the Winter Solstice is in effect a renewal of life and hope, as each day brings more and more light.

Likewise while Summer symbolizes the prime of life, beginning on the longest day of the year, so too is it the beginning of the decline, each day being shorter than the last.

I find these juxtapositions fascinating. At the very start of Winter, there is hope in every day's new light. At the very start of Summer, there is an urgency to take advantage of as much light as you can, as it is fleeting.

When I think in this way, starting the year in Winter does make sense. Start from the darkest point and move towards the light. Let's get a fresh start together and with light added to the coming light, continue our work towards illuminating our lives as men and Masons.

We had a very eventful 2017, here's to your 2018 being as healthy and prosperous as possible!

Sincerely And Fraternally, 

Steven Moazami
Worshipful Master

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